4 Tips when renting a room in Cape Town

4 Tips when renting a room in Cape Town as an International Student

Cape Town is one of the most popular study abroad and internship destinations for international students. But it is not for all students easy to find the right student accommodation in Cape Town. So, here we wrote 4 tips for you to help you to get started: 


How to find quality student accommodation in Cape Town as an international student?
When you conduct your internship in Cape Town or Stellenbosch it is very important that you also find quality housing. Because good accommodation is just as important as a good internship! As an intern, you want after a long day of work be able to come home and feel safe and relaxed. Especially in South Africa this is important because there is a huge difference between the various neighbourhoods and areas in Cape Town, which has a huge influence on your overall study abroad or exchange experience.

Make sure your landlord is familiar with hosting international students.
When searching for student accommodation in Cape Town or Stellenbosch you have  find accommodation where your potential landlord is familiar with international housing, if possible find a house which residence other international students. This is because renting to regular students can be very different then renting to international students.
International housing

Make sure you always contact your landlord to inform if or she has prior experience with letting rooms to international students. Also, include if there are currently international students renting any rooms in the house or if the rooms are rented by local students from Cape Town. You might only want to rent accommodation in Cape Town in a house that (partly) includes other international students. This is not only necessary, but most if the time this is way more fun! Other international students also want to go out, explore the city, culture and do fun things! While local students might be too busy with their side job, study,  friends, sports etc.



International students Cape Town

                                                                                                                            Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Airport puck up from Cape Town Airport
When you organise your accommodation for your internship in Cape Town, South Africa –  you should to ask your landlord who is renting out your room  if he or she can organise you an airport pick up. The main reason is that you want to land in Cape Town and then have to deal with shady taxi drivers, who might not even know the address to your new home. In addition you don’t have to pay for a taxi driver or the MyCityBus which can save you up to 50,-  Euro’s.  Which means that a free airport pick up from Cape Town is a 50,-  Euro discount on  your rented room

Neighbourhoods in Cape Town
When you will be staying in Cape Town, there are about 5 neighbourhoods where you want to stay as student, which are also affordable.  There are 3 more that might me a bit too expensive, which are Seapoint, Clifton and Camsbay. For an overview on
the best student neighbourhoods in Cape Town, please check out our other blog!