Bali Exchange Student Life

What does the student life in Bali look like?



Our team has contacted one of the student from Bali in order to get a clear overview about the life in Bali. His name is Fabian, he is studying in the field of economics. Thanks to his excellent result during his 1,5 years in the university he was chosen to an exchange program.

We have asked a few question from him to get to know more about an international student’s experience, what does he recommend after spending 3 months in Denpasar.

Hi my name is Fabian I am from Austria, I’ve spend 3 months in Bali as an exchange student. The reason why I came to Bali, is to get to know a new culture, meet with new people, and discover an unknown culture. I was nominated by my university, so I was very excited when I have received my acceptance for a 6 months’ exchange program.

I am a big fan of sports, especially water sports so it was not even a question what to do on my first week of Bali. All I did is surfing from the late afternoon till its dark.


Bali Exchange students

Balinese sunset, Changu

Have you experienced a cultural difference?

In my opinion there is not a huge difference between Austria and Bali. The only thing I can really say is that we need to wear long trousers at school. The lectures in the University are really good and the standard here is really comparable to Austria and to Europe.

I would like to mention some cultural things what I have experienced here, the first thing what I have recognize is people are smiling, also the community is much stronger here. The best thing here, is the atmosphere/ spirit that radiate from people. They are really friendly and open to everyone. You can make friendships on the beach or in the Café and later on go out with them, wandering in the city or for surfing.

As I can see everyone is working together here and help each other. Unfortunately ,It is not that common in Austria.


How do you like it so far? What’s the best thing to do here?

As an international student, I can definitely say that it was the best decision I made in my life to go to Bali!

I have visited all the prestigious places, but honestly the whole island is perfectly worth to see and when it comes to surfing I personally recommend you to Padang- Padang. Which is the most famous surfing beach in Bali, also often called in its nickname ‘’Balinese Pipeline’’ . Several surfing competition were held here. The left hand point is strictly recommended for professional suffers, because it has the hollowest waves in Bali. Its size is ranges from 4 to 12 feet!!

Bali Exchange students



What do you do in your spare time?
I am living with 5 other international students in a big student villa in the student neighbourhood of Denpasar it takes approximately 15 minutes walk to the centre. The good thing about living there is not only the luxurious panorama but my neighbours and flatmates are also international students so they are very open to go out for a beer, or for party on a Friday night. We also have a pool which we use regularly.  Spa and wellness saloons are really popular here, so it is normal to go there in every two weeks for relaxing.  Student accommodation in Bali is differently organised then in Europe. This is because normally A Balinese person earns the house from his family, so the house will always stay’s in the family. This why normally Balinese do not sell their houses. But this changed over the last years. My teacher told me that a few years ago, exchange students had to come to Bali and then negotiate with the owners of the house before you can move in. You have to understand that is not very common for Balinese people to live with foreigner. So, we were very lucky that would could use Student Rooms Abroad to rent international student accommodation on Bali.

An another cool thing about the Bali life what we do regular is to visit the local barber here, There is a barber saloon in Bali which is more like a bar than a saloon. It was established based on the ’20s style as a hidden barber shop (back in the days where alcohol was not allowed, so people were forced to do it secretly) that gives a perfect chance to saloons like that, to establish a hidden buzzy secret life inside. A classy modern bar, entertainment opportunities like live music and billiard is also available.  So this is a perfect opportunity for as to have a ‘’boys night’’

An another great thing what I have visited here was a restaurant that brings the jungle to your dining table with African menu. Big cats, and other predators are aloo invited to the table, however a big strong glass separates them from your table. I could never experience this in Austria..

Which place is your favourite in Denpasar?

As I have mentioned before, Spa and wellness are really popular here, there is a saying that bali has the most infinity pools ever in the world. My favourite is Munduj Moding Plantation’s clouds. The architect designed this pool to make you feel like your are lying among clouds.

Furthermore, Several hidden attraction I would recommend is  Sekumpul Waterful, or Nyang Nyang Beach with its gorgeous flora.

Another great place is Changu, this place is very popular at the moment and it’s also known as Hipster Mekka. Here you will find; Barber shops, great clubs (with Tattoo shops) like Pretty Poison, Vegan Bars and great surf spots.