Complete International Student Life Guideline – Budapest

Budepest International Students

Welcome in the magnificent city of Budapest

It’s hard on the heart to not long to experience a city that’s referred to as the Paris of the East or even better, one that carries a reputation of being a good blend of Eastern of Western Europe. With the River Danube separating the hilly regions of Buda and the flat terrains of Pest, mother nature has indeed been partial to the city of Budapest.   

The Hungarian capital has an area of about 525 square kilometers and is host to not only 1.8 million people but also the magnificent historic remains of the different eras of occupancy by the Roman Empire, Turkish Dynasty and Communist Russia for instance.Whilst the Romans built Aquincum, the capital of the Pannonian Province, the Turkish set up several Baths and Thermals and the Russians laid foundations to Socialist buildings on the outskirts of Budapest including blocks of flats and hospitals.

While all of this would definitely put Budapest on the must-visit list for many Euro-trip travellers, it also boasts of being a popular location for international students. Students from all across the world choose to spend a couple of months in one of the many educational institutions in the city. Apart from being popular for its thermal baths, spas, nightlife and historic richness, Budapest also attracts students due to its relatively low cost of living, which is probably the biggest concern for anyone moving to a European city.


Among international and Hungarian students, Corvinus, Budapest Business School, Budapest Muszaki Egyetem, and International Business School Eotvos Lorant Art of Science are the most popular. These universities have built up prestige and multicultural image. In the last 10 years Erasmus and different exchange programs became extremely popular which resulted as more than 4000 international students are coming to the Capital of Hungary.


Study in Budapest

While the Hungarian Universities are not as popular as the Universities in other parts of Europe like the United Kingdom, Germany and France, it is definitely picking up pace to compete in the realm of international education standards. This is reflected by the fact that 6 Universities from the country have actually made it to the World University Rankings® 2016/17 list. 3 out of the 6 Universities mentioned belong to the city of Budapest including the Eötvös Loránd University, Corvinus University of Budapest  and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Apart from these universities, several other Universities that attract the attention of international folk include  University of Debrecen, University of Szeged, Central European University, Semmelweis University and the University of Applied Sciences (BKF).

With most of these Universities offering a wide array of options to choose from, ranging from exchange programmes to summer courses to full time graduate degrees in foreign languages such as English and German, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students. Hungarian Universities, especially attract minds that are drawn towards medicine, veterinary sciences, dentistry, pharmaceutics and technical courses like engineering. This is especially so the case over the last 10 years where Hungary witnessed approximately 4000 international students.

International Students in Budapest

In terms of composition, it is believed that most international students hail from Hungary’s neighbours like Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. Furthermore, it is also common to find students from Serbia, Germany,  Norway, Turkey, Nigeria, China, Japan, Iran and Israel. This makes for a cosmopolitan culture that is sure to create a very welcoming international environment for students.

Most popular pubs in Budapest

When Thursday evening comes, pubs and clubs become stuffed with university students. There are several good places in Budapest where you can hang out with your friends.

We asked some local students to recommend their favourite pubs and clubs in Budapest:


Name: Anna

Favourite spot: Szimpla Kert

Recommendation: People who spend a day in Budapest must visit this place, even if they want only a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. The place is well decorated, the atmosphere buzzy and is full of life with young students’

Name: Ferenc

Favourite spot: Tuk tuk Bar

Recommendation: “Superb atmosphere!. The place is also very intimate. I often go there with my friends to chat before heading out to the clubs. The bartenders are nice and there are several cocktails that are priced well”

Name: Jozsef

Favourite spot: Stifler Pool

Recommendation: “Billiard, darts and foosball! There are several bars and pubs in the Nagykorut, but they are not even close to Stiffler. They have more than 10 billiard tables, darts and foosball tables. The price of the drinks are also not expensive, so it is a great place if you wanna catch a game with your pals”.


Party animals please note: Make sure you don’t miss out on the International Student Nights that a few clubs around the city host. They are supposedly the best place you could be in for a great night that you may never remember!

Weekdays or weekends really don’t count when you are in Budapest. Through the week, you have a variety of experiences to spoil you; ranging from dance clubs to open space parties, from cellar jazz bars to specialized cocktail bars and from Bohemian Cafes to the typical ruin-pubs.

We asked some local students to pick their favourite spots in Budapest. Here’s what they have to say:  


Name: Martin

Favourite spot: Otkert

Recommendation: “It’s amazing! I love how it is a peaceful restaurant during the day and at night, it transforms into a vibrant atmosphere”

Name: Csenge

Favourite spot: Hello Baby

Recommendation: “You get a VIP treatment at a favourable price here. Many international students come in here and the music is amazing as they play all popular hits”

Name: Ally

Favourite spot: BOB

Recommendation: “Best place to have a girls night out. The party here starts on Wednesday. The club is located next to the Danube. The place is quite small but very posh and several celebrities often spend their nights here’’

Costs of Living

One of the primary reasons for international students to pick Hungary as their study destination is the comparatively low costs of living. Budapest, probably one of the slightly more expensive cities in Hungary can still be friendly to student budgets as compared to other Central European cities. According to Campus Hungary, apart from your tuition fee, a monthly budget of 150,000 Hungarian Forints, which account to be approx 520 EUR/690 US Dollars would be sufficient to cover rental costs, utilities, basic transport and also limited entertainment.

Best areas to live in Budapest

These are all the district in Budapest. We highly suggest to look at the map, when you are selecting your accommodation. It is not obligatory to find the place you stay in the same district you are studding. The monthly student ticket is 10 Euro, and the public transportation is good. However, the most popular areas for students are V.VI.VII. District. All the pubs and clubs located there. Furthermore, the rest of the big university campus can be reached in 20- 30 minutes. As it was mentioned before, Budapest is a metropolitan city it is possible to go out everywhere, but most of the clubs and pubs located in the city center (V. V.VI.VII)


Student Accommodation

There are several districts in Budapest. We’ve detailed it on our other post,…………… Have a look at it to get a better idea.
It’s highly recommended that you study the map while selecting your accommodation. Although it is not obligatory to find a student accommodation in the same district as your university, it is important to consider travel distances. Although, even distance wouldn’t matter much when you get travel tickets for a month for 10 EUR only in a fairly well connected public transport system! Most students opt to stay in the V, VI and VII. districts. Most clubs and pubs are centralized in these localties as well. Furthermore, most big university campuses can be reached in 20-30 minutes time.

Costs of student accommodation

The price of student accommodation in Budapest is the highest in the city center. It means V.VI.VII. Buda is the ‘’elite’’ area of Budapest, normally the prices of the student accommodation are the highest the I. II.III. districts. Student rooms can be expensive near to universities like in the IX th. District and also in the VIII th XI.Th XII districts

The cheapest areas are: XVI. XVII. XVIII. XIX. XX. XXI, XII, XXIII . Although they are very nice neighborhood, they are far from the city center. It can take more than 1,5 hour to get to the center.

Neighborhoods like the XIV, and XV have big popularity among the families. It has a lot of detached houses and villas. Furthermore, It doesn’t take much time to be in the city center by bus, there are several bus and tram lines.

Budapest offers a wide range of entertainment for international students. In the King of Capital, you can find endless treasures. Every street hides some individual ruin pubs with favorable prices.

The city is always available for a glass of wine or some champagne. Normally Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest, but there are some clubs like INSTANT, which is always open for party lovers no matter it is Monday or Sunday it will be open and ready for party


The most popular areas for pubs in the city heart

They can be differentiating themselves based on the price and the location. If you are planning to go out with your friends, make sure that you book a table in advanced. Students in Budapest love partying. Although the prices are high in Clubs so they prefer to spend the early evening in pubs. These places starting to be full around 9 pm. and they won’t become empty until 4 am. However, they are good for drinking and meeting up with new people dancing is not that popular in pubs. The cheapest areas in the center are close to the Blaha Lujza Squere. They are mostly bars offering shots from 100 ft (what is around 40 Euro cent) , and cocktails from 450ft in cozy place where you can stay with your friends. The prices are increasing if you are going toward the chain bridge and the Danube also the style. Near to the river there are mores


  • – NO CREDIT CARD: Unfortunately, credit cards are often not accepted in bars and clubs.
  • – BAGS TO YOURSELF: Don’t carry around too much money or any valuables and always have an eye out for your bag. As in every big city, pickpocket is a common crime in Budapest as well.
  • – DRINKS TO YOURSELF: Be careful with strangers you befriend at bars and clubs. Keep your drink to yourself and keep an eye on it.
  • – NIGHT TRANSPORT: Public transport runs through the night, so you don’t have to worry about getting back home.


Neighbourhood overview Budapest

Buda Castle, Tabán, Gellérthegy, Krisztinaváros, southern Víziváros

Adyliget, Budakeszierdő, Budaliget, Csatárka, Erzsébetliget, Erzsébettelek, Felhévíz, Gercse, Hársakalja, Hárshegy, Hűvösvölgy, Kővár, Kurucles, Lipótmező, Máriaremete, Nyék, Országút, Pálvölgy, Pasarét, Pesthidegkút-Ófalu, Petneházy-rét, Remetekertváros, Rézmál, Rózsadomb, Szemlőhegy, Széphalom, Szépilona, Szépvölgy, Törökvész, Újlak, Vérhalom, northern Víziváros, Zöldmál.
IBS University Campus
III. Óbuda, Aquincum, Aranyhegy, Békásmegyer, Csillaghegy, Csúcshegy, Filatorigát, Hármashatárhegy, Kaszásdűlő, Mátyáshegy, Mocsárosdűlő, Óbudai-sziget, Remetehegy, Rómaifürdő, Solymárvölgy, Szépvölgy, Táborhegy, Testvérhegy, Törökkő, Ürömhegy, Újlak.
IBS University
Obuda University


District number

Albertfalva, Dobogó, Gazdagrét, Gellérthegy, Hosszúrét, Kamaraerdő, Kelenföld, Kelenvölgy, Kőérberek, Lágymányos, Madárhegy, Őrmező, Örsöd, Péterhegy, Pösingermajor, Sasad, Sashegy, Spanyolrét, Tabán
Elte Campus
BME Q building
Karoli Gaspar Reformatic University
Elte Lagymanyosi Campus
Gabor Denes Academy
Budakeszierdő, Csillebérc, Farkasrét, Farkasvölgy, Istenhegy, Jánoshegy, Kissvábhegy, Krisztinaváros, Kútvölgy, Magasút, Mártonhegy, Németvölgy, Orbánhegy, Sashegy, Svábhegy, Széchenyihegy, Virányos.
Semmelweis University
University of Physical Education
Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design

District number

Újpest, Megyer, Káposztásmegyer, Székesdűlő, Istvántelek.

Inner City, Lipótváros
Eotvos Lorant University
CEU University

Szen Istvan University
Liszt Ferenc Music Academy
MCDaniel Collage
Józsefváros, Kerepesdűlő, Tisztviselőtelep
Pazmany Peter Catholic University
Andrassy University
Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Budapest University of Jewish Studies
University of Theatre and Fine Arts.
Eotvos University of Humanities Insitute of Philosophy
Ferencváros, Gubacsidűlő, József Attila-lakótelep

Corvinus University
Felsőrákos, Gyárdűlő, Keresztúridűlő, Kőbánya-Kertváros
Népliget (People’s Park), Planetarium, St. László Church, Csősztorony (Keeper Tower)

Újlipótváros, Angyalföld, Vizafogó

Alsórákos, Herminamező, Istvánmező, Kiszugló, Nagyzugló, Rákosfalva, Törökőr, City Park
Metropolitan University
Budapest Business School
Rákospalota, Pestújhely, Újpalota

Mátyásföld, Sashalom, Cinkota, Rákosszentmihály, Árpádföld, Kisszentmihály, Ilonatelep, Petőfikert, Nagyiccetelep, Szentgyörgytelep, Szabadságtelep, Huszkatelep

Rákoskeresztúr, Rákoscsaba, Rákoscsaba-Újtelep, Rákosliget, Rákoshegy, Rákoskert, Akadémiaújtelep, Madárdomb, Régiakadémiatelep

Pestszentlőrinc, Pestszentimre

Kispest, Wekerletelep

Gubacsipuszta, Kossuthfalva, Pacsirtatelep, Pesterzsébet, Pesterzsébet-Szabótelep


Budatétény, Nagytétény, Budafok