The ultimate guide for finding accommodation in Stellenbosch

Find International Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

A 40 minute drive from Cape Town will take you to the breathtaking City of Oaks. With streets framed by oak trees, the university town of Stellenbosch is bound to impress you with it’s natural beauty and wine estates. Home to over 29,000 students, 4000 of whom fly in from overseas, it’s a popular choice amongst students who aim at studying at the prestigious Stellenbosch University. At the center of the city lies the student campus affiliated to the University. Students are spoilt with choices with the number of bars, restaurants and student accommodations that surround the campus. On a normal day, it’s a common sight to find students in large numbers walking, biking and even long-boarding in and around the student campus. All of this and more makes Stellenbosch a perfect town for the youth, particularly students. We’re glad you have the opportunity to not just visit Stellenbosch for a trip but actually experiencing living there. You’re going to love every bit of it! Just to make the process of shifting easier for you, we’ve collaborated all the information you need to keep in mind while opting for a Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch.  

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For starters, you need to decide for yourself if you’d prefer to stay in the center, aka, on campus or off the center limits. Either choice has its own advantages and disadvantages.If you opt to find student accommodation at the center of Stellenbosch, you can choose between staying in private houses, student flats or at an Academia. An Academia is basically a small campus where students from the Stellenbosch University reside. This student apartment complex is also a popular choice amongst those international students and interns who opt to come to Stellenbosch for a short-term exchange program primarily because they come fully furnished as well as have access to shops, laundry facilities, sports arenas and 24/7 security. If you choose to stay off campus limits, you could rent out privately owned houses. You could also find houses that already hosts students, ranging from 3 in a house to around 30! Clearly, there is a lot of difference between the various housing projects and you have the freedom to suit your needs the best. Practically speaking, finding a house with a good mix of international students who would like to explore the city with you and locals who could give you cultural secrets, will be your best bet. One of the primary disadvantages of staying off campus, is however, the transport. The most practical option is to rent a car for the duration of your stay but that’s not accounted for in your budget you need to work your transport options out.        
As an international student, if safety is a factor that keeps bothering you, then the Campus area is a place you would seriously take into consideration. A route called the ‘Green Route’, is a square location that surrounds the Stellenbosch University and the Student Campus. The route has campus security patrolling at night, between 21:00 and 06:00 to ensure safety is assured to all who reside there. If you decide to stay back in the library till late hours to complete your study tasks and do not feel safe walking or biking back home, all you need to do is reach out to the Campus Green Route Security to bring you home safe. What’s even better is that, even as an exchange student partying late at night, the staff would be more than glad to assist you home safely. More information on the Green Route can be found here: Green Route Stellenbosch.


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While the options are plenty, it’s important to be smart about what you choose. Here are a few tips on how you can go about choosing a medium of finding a place to stay:

  1. As you’ve guessed, the easiest way to find short term or long term accommodation in Stellenbosch, like every other city, is to just search for it on Google. Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch or Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch for International Students (Stellenbosch Accommodation). However, the overload of information on Google could probably confuse you even more than give you clarity.
  2. Looking out for housing options on Facebook groups is another way to go. However, beware of scammers who promise you ‘houses’ for a cheaper rate but end up making you a victim of fraud by renting out already rented houses or making up fake houses.
  3. Online search portals like Gumtree, (Gumtree Stellenbosch),more like South Africa’s EBay, are platforms where individuals put up their properties as an advertisement. On online platforms, please beware of getting in touch with owners who demand that a deposit be paid upfront.
  4. Websites that dedicate themselves to student accommodation websites are more reliable. The most convenient, easy and foolproof way of going about your search for Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch is by simply browsing through our website, Student Rooms Abroad (INSERT LINK).  We understand the anxiety that you as an international student looking out for short term and long term accommodation in a completely new city is facing and therefore, we guarantee you a 100% safe and secure method of house hunting. You can choose from a wide variety of student accommodations ranging from flats, private owned houses, shared villas and student complexes located on the Stellenbosch University campus as well as off campus limits for the best possible rates. Once you choose, you could directly get in touch with the landlords, who are all screened and checked for genuinity and make your booking on our website.
  5. Another trusted source of information can be found on the website of Stellenbosch University. Most landlords are pre-screened and most times you pay a deposit to the website and not the landlord, which makes it a safe bet.

Rooms differ in rental agreements that vary from the more affordable 250-400 USD to the more expensive 450-600 USD properties in Stellenbosch. As in the case with most cities, this completely depends on the area you choose to stay in: on campus or off campus limits. Apart from the area, size of the room, amenities like swimming pool, gym, parking spots, security as well as house utilities like cutlery, gas, water, electricity and WiFi are taken into consideration while putting a rent tag. If Electricity is not included it can so happen that you need to buy electricity with a Pre-paid card. This can be done in most supermarkets, so there’s nothing to worry about. Even if it costs a few bucks extra, please ensure your that accommodation is safe and secured!


Rental agreements may vary from the local regular students who are there for a longer period of time than an international student there on short stay. So, as we’ve stressed on in our other posts, make sure your landlord knows how to deal with your specific case. And most importantly, where you stay and with whom you stay is definitely going to make a massive difference in your experience there. Especially in the case of an exchange student, be sure to check with your landlord who your flatmates are and settle in for an accommodation that encourages a more international student community. More often than not, it’s an easy bet to take that they will be of the same adventurous mindset as you. They’d be more willing to adapt, do fun things, hang around more often, learn culture and discover the place. On the other hand, while native and local flatmates can be your personal guide around the city, more often than not they tend to focus on their side jobs, education, own social circles and the like.


We hope we’ve made your house hunting in Stellenbosch not only easier but also more affordable. You can check the listings on our website to find your dream student accommodation in Stellenbosch.