Internship Experience New York City

Internship New York City

My internship in New York City

When I first came to New York in 2010, I was sure I wanted to come back to that amazing city! I heard of internship for international students in New York before, and now I wanted to know more. I contacted IO New York for more information. That’s a mediation agency, which is specialized in organizing internships to New York for international students. They helped me find an internship and I thought I was ready to go!

As an International student in New York I felt the first week really small and insecure. I remember my first days, walking around like a tourist, searching for everything. I had the luck that my student accommodation was together with other international students. Those international students kindly helped me find the way in New York. So I had a good impression of the transport system and where my internship company was located.

My first day as an intern was great! Everyone was very kind to me and they helped me with learning how to create good brand awareness for big brands. I was working for a digital marketing and advertising company based on 14th street, near Union Square. I was not the only intern in the office. There were six other international students who decided to do their internship in New York. I was working on the Public Relations department which meant that I had to have contact with famous magazines such as; Vogue, Glamour and Elle. I had to promote brands and had to make sure that those amazing magazines wrote about them. Sometimes I had to go to some brands and magazines for a meeting. These companies were based in the most beautiful buildings like The Flatiron and The Freedom Tower.

Internship New York CIty

Everyday when I came back in to my room, located in student hotel, I felt like I had really learned something. Sometimes it was not only from the work that I did, but also from all the experiences, which I had when I was only walking down the street. Living in such a big city as New York, makes you realize how many beautiful, ugly, crazy and funny people are living on this earth. I was blessed with my international student friends in New York, because they taught me to not judge people from the outside. It sounds funny, but every does it.

During my internship in New York I improved myself so much. I became a more open person and also a more friendly person. Normally when I go out, I’m with my own friends and we’re not open for other contacts. But if you go on an internship in New York all by yourself as an international student, you have to meet new people to make your time as an intern more fun.

New York is a great place to improve yourself. The song of Alicia keys is not just a good song, if you can make it there… you can make it everywhere. An important aspect of your internship is good student accommodation in New York City. Like student accommodation in a student hotel with other international students. Because only then, you will easily get in contact with other students, who are in the same position as you are.

One other thing that I’ve learned during my internship in New York is that the hierarchy in America is different than I’m used to. An intern in New York is not the same as an Intern in, for example, The Netherlands. In America you cannot say whatever you like. You cannot always give your opinion and you have to work very hard.  That last thing is not a bad thing, because if you work very hard during your internship you really

learn a lot. But the difference in hierarchy is something that you have to accept. If you are planning to do an international internship in New York, you have to prepare yourself of those differences in culture. A great way to learn the culture differences is to check out this website: They give you some examples of the differences, so you can prepare yourself better before you’re planning to do you internship in New York.

Another great thing of doing your internship in city that never sleeps is that the transport system is very easy to understand for foreign people. The streets are all in made very logical and the metro system is great. You can literally go everywhere by the underground. Besides that it’s also not that expensive to buy a month card. You have different apps, which can help you search how to go from A to B, such as: Google Maps. It tells you exactly where to change and how long it takes you to go where you want.

International Interns NYC

Also, the Americans are very helpful. So if you don’t know how to get somewhere or if you want to know where you can do the groceries and where to shop the best items – you can ask anyone. The Americans love the international students who do an internship in New York because they are very thankful that students from another country want to help America in the economy.

Doing my internship in New York is one of the best experiences of my life. Everything was perfect: my internship, my student accommodation in New York and the social life as well. I recommend every international student to go for an internship to New York, because a chance like this doesn’t come around often!