Cape Town University

Imagine you are studying temporarily at Cape Town University and you are looking for a place to stay near Cape Town University. Like most other students who find it hard to spot a good student accommodation, you may face issues too; some of them are too expensive, the others are not located near the Cape Town University and the rest have unreliable house lords. While Cape Town has many opportunities to stay, where can you find the right one, near Cape Town University?


Cape Town University is about a 20-minute drive from the city centre, on the Devil’s Peak. The University is not only the oldest in Africa but also one of the  best higher education institutions in the continent. It is renowned for its academic excellence that is acknowledged across the globe. They have an intern student accommodation near Cape Town University, the Campus. There are some primary differences between living on campus and other student accommodations around Cape Town University. For example:

If you live off campus limits, near/around Cape Town University (UCT):

  • You have higher chances of getting a bigger room
  • You probably will do better at school as the dorms in the university are very busy with a lot of students at most times therefore adding to the distraction
  • You have more freedom as  you don’t have to follow all the dorm rules.
  • You may have to walk a bit more to school and general student hubs

If you stay on campus in Cape Town University (UCT):

  • You will have guaranteed social life with fellow students
  • You don’t have to worry about monthly rent and grocery shopping as most universities have meals included in the costs
  • You have greater possibilities to join the University activities

International students Cape Town


Student accommodations near Cape Town University are the best to live in. It is not only saving you travel time but it is also a great way to explore new communities and build new social circles. Especially if you are looking for some youth for company, this is your best bet as students from all across the world live around Cape Town University. Most student accommodations near Cape Town University can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just have to make a wise decision on the room you pick; your options vary between living in a house with different students, national and international, or living in an apartment all by yourself. Most international students coming in,  prefer to live in a student house with different nationalities as it is a good way to engage and learn another culture and language. A couple who choose to opt for the second option, do so to remain independent, not having to look  after their roommates. Curious about which student accommodations you can find near Cape Town University? Check the webpage student accommodation in Cape Town to find all available accommodations near Cape Town University (UTC).

Neighbourhoods near Cape Town University (UCT)


Rondebosch is based on the southern suburbs of Cape Town. This neighbourhood is near Cape Town University and has a small shopping area. Besides shopping, you can also play tennis and hockey in this area. Furthermore about sport, Rondebosch has the Newland Stadium where professional cricket and rugby matches are held. They have 15.000 inhabitants and most likely every inhabitant is international and speaks English. If you are looking for a student accommodation near Cape Town University in Rondebosch, you have to be careful with choosing because East Rondebosch is not near the University, because that’s on the other side of the railway. This neighbourhood is a peaceful and quiet community.


Rosebank is another neighbourhood near CapeTown University. It is best known for being on the slopes of Devil’s Peak. Not only is Rosebank safe and quiet, but it also extremely beautiful as the Liesbeek River flows through the neighbourhood, creating a green belt. On a nice weather day, it is common to see inhabitants chilling by the water side. Many students live in flats in Rosebank, so finding a social circle wouldn’t be a challenge.


Mowbray is the neighbourhood above Rosebank and Rondebosch and is fairly close to Cape Town University. This neighbourhood is ornamented with beautiful Victorian style terraced homes and student digs. It is also known for it’s busy transport hub.  Many people change from buses, taxis and trains in Mowbray. Having said this, it is also a good place to live in as the neighbourhood is student friendly and safe. Also, as mentioned above, commute from point A to B becomes easy.


International Students Cape Town



There are many exchange students at Cape Town University, most of whom are pursuing a one-year Master course. They live in a student accommodation near University Cape Town or on campus, as they want to make the best of their short term stay in Cape Town.

In the peak season, not only are there students but also interns, who work with several international and national companies as a part of their course. Owing to the huge influx of students, make sure to have a student accommodation near Cape Town University booked well ahead of time. You can check the availability of the rooms which are located near Cape Town University on the website of Student Rooms Abroad.

Other popular areas to live

If accommodations around the Cape Town University are completely booked (which is a high possibility especially if you’re looking at something at the last minute), you can also choose to stay at other student accommodations which aren’t in close proximity to the University.

The transport system in Cape Town is rather well connected and is easy to travel from A to B. Besides that, it’s also very cheap. The bus can take you all the way to Cape Town University for only 50 cents. For more information about the transport system, please see: and find out how long it would take you to go from one neighborhood to Cape Town University.

Now that your transport is sorted out, the other beautiful neighbourhoods in Cape Town for you to stay at are given below:

Greenpoint and Seapoint

Both these neighbourhoods are located on the outskirts of Cape Town and is only a 5 minute drive to the city centre. Greenpoint and Seapoint are very popular hubs to live in as a number of clubs, restaurants, beaches and of course, the VA waterfront and Green Point Stadium built for the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup are present here. The stadium has also hosted world class performers like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. These areas are safe to reside in but can also be a little expensive for a student friendly budget as the location has/ is close to the top attractions and happening beach clubs including  Cliftin and Campbay.

Woodstock and Observatory

These two neighbourhoods are the most popular choice for international students. You’ll find fine bars and restaurants and many students who hang out there. These neighbourhoods are located on the outskirts of Cape Town and, again, close to the city centre.

Cape Town City Centre

Why would you want to live near the City Centre? Let us explain! If it’s not possible to have a student accommodation near Cape Town University, it’s a good alternative to search for one in the city centre. It has great restaurants, bars, pubs and of course – the nightlife is amazing. When you live in the city centre, you have access to The Table Mountain, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. However, life is not a bed of roses in the city centre. For example:

  • Just as other big cities, it gets a bit noisy on the streets because of the large number of people
  • It can be very expensive
  • Most apartments are small

In the end student accommodations near Cape Town University are the best if you are studying there and if you want to be around students.


Safety Students Cape Town

Safety in Cape Town

Student accommodations near Cape Town University are most of the time quiet and safe. Cape Town, however, also has less attractive neighbourhoods. Owing to socio-economic problems, these areas have a higher rate of crime. Residents are poor and hence indulge in unpleasant activities to make their ends meet. There is no reason for tourists or students to explore these areas, but if you would still like to do so, make sure you know the less safer areas:

  • Grassy park
  • Philippi
  • Mitchellsplain
  • Khayelitsha
  • Blue Downs
  • Delft
  • Epping

Here are some points to keep in mind in order to prevent/encounter an unfortunate incident:

  • Make sure you have a good travel insurance before you go to Cape Town
  • Scan important documents beforehand and have a backup of it on your laptop or phone.
  • Leave your fancy stuff at home – it is for example a bad idea to walk down the streets in Cape Town with a designer bag. Also, place your laptop and other valuable items in a safe case at your student accommodation.
  • Wear a pouch around your belly and keep the important documents/money in there
  • Leave valuable items, such as your laptop, in the safe in case you have it in the student accommodation

We hope you keep the above information in mind. Good luck with finding a student accommodation near Cape Town University. For any more help, check out the website of Student Rooms Abroad. Cape Town is a beautiful city and we are sure you will find a perfect spot to live in the city.