International Student Accommodation Cape Town, Observatory and Stellenbosch

Cape Town Student Accommodation


Out of those multiple to do things on your to do list, the most essential of them all is to sort out your accommodation. Finding quality accommodation in an affordable neighbourhood is not a heavy task if you start early and know the sources you can trust. For whatever reason Cape Town is inviting you, be it internship, study program or volunteering experience, you will definitely require good, quality and affordable accommodation. You want to assure yourself that you’ve indeed arranged for a student housing in one of Cape Town’s most student friendly neighbourhood that attracts the attention of both international as well as local students. This is extremely crucial as your accommodation does not just mean a roof above your head, but it’s a real deal breaker.  A great environment will boast your entire experience up. It won’t just help you find the right community to hang out with, but will also make you feel safe and secured and will provide you with easy access to surrounding neighbourhoods and nature getaways. As an international student,  we understand the difficulty in virtually imagining an area to live in and hence we’ve put in some local information about the most popular student neighbourhoods in South Africa. You can thank us later 🙂

City Cente

Probably the most convenient place to stay at,  the residential suburbs of the City Centre, are in closest proximity to the city’s best restaurants with breathtaking views amongst many other advantages.  It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for International students to adopt as the pricing here is fairly average and it has easy access to the Waterfront, beaches and winelands.


Bo Kaap is a residential community located in Upper Cape Town and hence the inspiration behind the name, ‘Bo Kaap’. Living in this neighbourhood is basically experiencing the best of both worlds. Whilst you live in the peace of a residential community, it’s only a matter of a few minutes to enjoy the bustle of the city center of Cape Town.  The entire neighbourhood is extremely vibrant with every house being painted in extravagant colours, making it completely unique.  Owing to this factor, it attracts many tourists to take peaceful strolls along their lanes. The pricing of student accommodation in the City Centre is average.

Observatory, aka, Obs!

Obs is by far the most popular neighbourhood in Cape Town for international students. Numerous housing options which are great value for money can be found.  Rooms vary between 300 to 450 Euros and are mostly occupied by International students who come to Cape Town for their exchange semesters, internships and volunteering opportunities. Given its popularity, the retail value of properties is steadily rising in the neighbourhood.  

International Student Accommodation Cape Town, Observatory, Stellenbosch

Green Point and Sea Point

Green Point and Sea Point are two towns situated on the outskirts of Cape Town. What is particularly nice about living in these areas is that they are merely a 5 minute drive away from Cape Town. Green Point and Sea Point are home to not only various restaurants and clubs but also the VA waterfront, beach and the iconic Green Point Stadium that hosted the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Although these neighbourhoods can assure you of safety, it is quite expensive. Prices to rent out rooms range between 350+ and 600 Euros per month.

Cambs Bay
Camps Bay is the place  to be when you have a weekend off or if you want to chill by the beach or head to a nice club. While this seems like a perfect place to live in, houses in the Camps Bay area start from 1 Million Euro. Rethinking our decision, are we?:) Even as a student, to rent out student rooms or studios may work out way more expensive as compared to the more common student neighbourhoods of Obs and Bo-Kaap.

Table View

Living in Table View and Bloubergstrand would give you postcard views of the Table Mountain. Owing to its close proximity to the beach as well as fairly moderate property value, it is an area occupied by several expats. Kite Surfers also pitch their base here as the location and weather conditions allows them to surf almost every single day during the kite surf season.
Rondebosch is popular among the students who are studying at the University of Cape Town. Therefore you will meet all of local students here.

Rondebosch is a popular choice among students studying at the University of Cape Town. Therefore, the possibility of meeting many local students is high.

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