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Student Rooms Abroad (SRA) is an internet platform that puts international students looking for accommodation abroad with landlords who offer furnished student accommodation.

Student Rooms Abroad is one of the fastest growing start-ups and is now already in several great student towns such as Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Utrecht, Barcelona and New York City. We offer affordable student accommodations for international students with a guarantee of safe and secure bookings.

Student Rooms Abroad is a sister company of the internship placement agency, IO Cape Town. Every year hundreds of students apply to IO Cape Town in order to secure an internship at a reputed organisation in Cape Town, South Africa. At IO Cape Town, we realized the high demand for affordable accommodation for international students in Cape Town. Therefore Student Rooms Abroad was established in order to be a digital platform where students can find furnished international student rooms and apartments rented out by screened and reliable landlords abroad.

How does Student Rooms Abroad (SRA) stand out from it’s competitors?

1. SRA is one of the very few platforms where students get to contact their landlord abroad directly. This means students do not have to pay a service first, or book the room before they can inform about the accommodation details.

2. SRA is funded by several Government and Semi-government organisations. This means Student Rooms Abroad does not have to charge high booking fees to be able to cover the costs of the Student Rooms Abroad platform.

3. While most of the other larger booking websites are backed by commercial investors or investment companies, SRA chooses not be funded by big investors or investments companies. Because we all known that these investors do not invest in companies just for fun. We known that they want to make money of these investments, and not just a bit. But as much money as possible. The causes that other accommodation platforms need to charge higher fees or find other way’s to make a lot of money from the student bookings. We believe that not getting in involved with investors getting a share in our platform is the only way to keep this student accommodation platform student friendly. And only this way we can be the best, biggest and most affordable student accommodation platform in the world.

Meet the Team !

Lennart (The Netherlands)

Lennart is the founder of IO Abroad & Student Rooms Abroad. He has over 4 years of experience with Exchange programs and organizing student accommodation for international students.

Lennart Student Rooms Abroad

Aishwarya (India)

Aishwarya is taking care of the Public Relations for Student Rooms Abroad.

Aishwarya Student Rooms Abroad

Florian (The Netherlands)

Our Programmer Florian takes care of the technical side of our platform. He spends most of day building writing code line by line to build amazing features for our student platform.

Zacky (Bali, Indonesia)
Zacky is our guy from Bali is responsible for part of our promotional materials including some of our designs, posters, flyers and stickers.

Zacky Student Rooms Abroad

Ieva (Lithuania)
Ieva is taking care of our Digital Marketing. Ieva will also be presenting many of the Study Abroad Fairs we attend with our Student Rooms Abroad stand.

Ieva Student Rooms Abroad


Inesa (Lithuania)

As a Business Developer Inesa is responsible for promoting the platform to universities and students who are coming to those cities for an internship or Exchange program.