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Student Rooms Abroad – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Rooms Abroad ©

Student rooms Abroad © is the number one platform where you can find furnished accommodation for your internship or study abroad program. We are the fastest growing accommodation platform for students, because we are the only platform where all our landlords are 100% screened by Student Rooms Abroad. This means your bookings are 100% save. If your room will not be delivered you will receive a 100% refund on your booking fee.
Student Rooms Abroad is the safest and most affordable booking platform for student accommodation abroad. SRA is backed by several governmental en semi governmental organizations to promote study abroad opportunities for European students.

What is the role of Student Rooms Abroad

Student Rooms Abroad is a platform where students can search, find and contact screened landlords abroad. If they wish they can inquire and book the accommodation via Student Rooms Abroad. Our platform allows students to make a 100% safe booking, and not to pay any invoice to the landlords abroad before inspecting the room in person.

What does SRA stands for?

SRA stands for Student Rooms Abroad also know and the safest and most affordable booking platform for student accommodation abroad.

How does it works?

Use the website/search bars to navigate through the website and search for accommodation. Once you have found accommodation that meets your requirements you can request a booking from the advertiser directly. Student Rooms Abroad is one of the few platforms where students can contact the advertisers directly! Once a request or invitation has been made by the students, the other party has to confirm the booking. When the booking has been confirmed the student is asked to pay a small fee for service from Student Rooms Abroad to confirm the booking. Once the payment has been made all parties receive a confirmation email to confirm the booking.

Does Student Rooms Abroad haves employees located in every destination?

No Student Rooms Abroad does not have employees located at every destination. However, we do work recruiters and ambassadors. And in some students cities we have our own representative. For example: in Cape Town we have our own representative who organizes the best available student accommodation in Cape Town. But in New York City we work with an agent. As you understand we organise student accommodation in different ways, when you search at Student Rooms Abroad per destination you can see if we have a representative, agent or ambassador on location for you.

How Do I know Student Rooms Abroad is the most affordable platform out there?

Simply Google it and compare the prices!. Most booking platform charge 25% or 1 or 2 months’ rent. Student Rooms Abroad is backed by several European and local (semi) government organisations. This allows us to keep the booking fees as low as possible! We charge a small booking fee so we can hire enough employees to keep the site functioning and to keep them happy. We also need this to do maintenance on our website and to promote our website, so all the students in the world know that Student Rooms Abroad the safest and most affordable booking platform for your students accommodation abroad.

Why Does SRA not works with Investors and Investment Companies?

SRA chooses not be funded by big investors or investments companies. Because we all known that these investors do not invest in companies just for fun. We known that they want to make money of these investments, and not just a bit. But as much money as possible. The causes that other accommodation platforms need to charge higher fees or find other way’s to make a lot of money from the student bookings. We believe that not getting in involved with investors getting a share in our platform is the only way to keep this student accommodation platform student friendly. And only this way we can be the best, biggest and most affordable student accommodation platform in the world.

How can I make a booking?

How can I make a booking?
Before you can make a booking your landlord has to accept your inquire. To make an inquiry please select the room you want to book and include the exact dates, then press send to make an inquiry. The advertiser has 5 days to accept or deny your request.

How do I know it is safe to make a booking?

Student Rooms Abroad is the safest and most affordable booking platform for your student accommodation abroad. You can check the safety at every advertisement, by checking the advertiser and see if advertisers:
√ Facebook is connected
√ Contact details are verified ?
√ Passport verified
√ Advertisers identity is verified
Verified status will appear in the color green.